Meet Your Hosts

MINDY WOOD, permaculture teacher

I started my first garden and got my first flock of chickens over a decade ago, and I’m grateful every day that I took the leap!
I knew that the world of 9 to 5 jobs, sending my kids off to daycare, and living for the weekends wasn’t for me. But I wasn’t sure yet if it was possible to live any other way.
Now, I am a Certified Permaculture Designer and have spent the last decade learning (and teaching) homesteading skills in a variety of places (on acreage, in the suburbs, and in an apartment!).
If you want to learn how to raise and grow your own food and medicine in a way that is healthy for people and planet, I’m your gal!

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KRISTI STONE, homestead blogger

Kristi is a gardener of over 13 years and raises a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. She lives on a scant acre of rural property where she enjoys a quiet, slow life.

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Meet Your Speakers

ALICIA DEVORE, garden coach and educator

Quick and Easy Gardening Tips for the Busy Family

Alicia is a garden growing expert, simplifying gardening for busy people. Her personalized support & practical advice empower individuals to achieve success in their gardening journey through online courses and coaching. Her expertise & care create spaces for others to live out their garden dreams.

CARLIE MACQUARRIE, urban homesteader

What to Grow on your Urban Homestead

Carly MacQuarrie, founder of The Little Green Shoot, and creator of Homestead in the City, helps new gardeners find their way to grow, harvest, and preserve their own healthy, delicious, foods to enjoy all year—even in the city. 💚

JEN PANARO, composting advocate

Love Your Soil! 

Jen Panaro is a self-proclaimed composting nerd and an advocate for sustainable living for modern families. Through her writing, workshops, and podcast guesting, she helps others find ways to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives more easily.

TRACY LYNN, homestead blogger

Easier Growing with Lasagna Gardening

Tracy Lynn is the founder of Simple Living Country Gal where she strives to bring back those timeless tips for simple living. She has been inspiring folks with her easier gardening ideas that will work for city dwellers, busy moms, and those with physical limitations.

Today, the gardening rules have been thrown out the window, and that is truly exciting because that means that anyone anywhere can now learn to live a simpler lifestyle.

MINDY YOUNG, master gardener

Best Vegetables & Herbs to Grow Indoors

Mindy is a Long Time Gardener and former Extension Agent who loves to help others succeed at growing their own vegetables and herbs. She became a Certified Master Gardener in 2020 and has since been enjoying creating projects around the Community. She also has a growing Vegetable Business with a CSA that helps give busy people access to fresh veggies and fruits.

KRISTIN DUKE, owner of Mr. Animal Farm

5 Garden Record Keeping Tips to Make the Most of Your Harvest

We got started over a decade ago with a small garden and a few chickens. And, over the years that quickly escalated to berry patches, fruit trees and preserving our own food.

MARY ST. DENNIS, backyard homesteader

Growing Microgreens: Superfood In As Little As Two Weeks

Mary St. Dennis has been growing and cooking nutritious food nearly all her life, but she started her backyard homestead in earnest when her daughter was given 8 orphaned ducklings and she asked, “Mom, can we keep them?”. Now Mary teaches others how to grow vegetables and fruit, raise chickens, ducks, and bees, and create the backyard homestead of their dreams. She can be found at

KATHIE LAPCEVIC, writer & teacher

Growing Your Own Healing Salve Garden

Kathie N. Lapcevic is a blogger and teacher living in northwest Montana. She is a quiet rebel, embracing a simple and seasonal life that isn’t exactly mainstream. She can often be found either making a mess in the garden or in the kitchen where she focuses on intentional living that showers love upon the important people in her life. You can find her blog at Homespun Seasonal Living (


Best Tips for Planning Your Garden

Hey there, I’m Jennifer from The Everyday Farmhouse. We dreamed for years of having our own homestead, hoping and praying that it would become a reality. Here we are 12 years later, living our dream! We now raise all of our own meat and do our best to garden! I am a homeschooling mama to 10,milk-maid, chicken chaser, cow lover, and wannabe beekeeper! I blog at The Everyday where I share creative DIY’s, recipes, and things from my heart.

SHAWNA LANCE, self sufficiency advocate

Pain Relief Spiral: Growing Healing Herbs with Ease

Passionate self-reliance advocate and founder of a compelling blog dedicated to all aspects of self-sufficiency. As a speaker, I draw from my extensive experience and knowledge to empower others on their journey towards independence. My focus extends to cultivating a holistic approach to well-being, with a specific emphasis on harnessing the healing power of herbs. Through my blog, I share practical insights, sustainable living tips, and the transformative potential of self-sufficiency. Join me on a path to cultivating resilience, embracing self-sustainability, and unlocking the natural remedies that our environment provides. Let’s grow together and discover the profound benefits of nurturing our own herbs for a healthier, more self-reliant life.

STEVE & EMILY FORBES, co-founders of the Forbes Family Farm

How to Grow and Cook with Cucumbers

Steve and Emily Forbes weren’t born farmers, but an interest in healthy eating and a passion for cooking led them to start gardening in whatever space they had available. Eventually they quit their corporate jobs to begin a small farm where they grow the highest quality food, not only for their own family, but for their local community as well. They sell their produce and pasture-raised meat through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model where families purchase a membership and receive a box of fresh produce every week throughout the growing season. In addition to produce, they raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, yaks and cattle out on pasture. They also host 4-course Farm to Table dinners highlighting the delicious flavors of their farm-fresh ingredients.

JASON MATYAS, founder & ceo of Seeds for Generations

How to Grow More & Get More Out of Your Gardening Year

Jason Matyas is a husband, father of seven, homesteader, lifelong gardener, 20 year Air Force veteran with 9 worldwide deployments including two tours in Afghanistan, and visionary entrepreneur and public speaker. He is the founder of a family business with his children called Seeds for Generations that provides heirloom garden seeds and inspiration for gardening as a family. Jason is also the Executive Producer of the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, and founder of the Return to the Old Paths training media project devoted to inspiring and equipping you to reduce your dependence on the modern economy and seek true freedom by Returning to the Old Paths of productive households and local community interdependence. His latest effort is Get Ready to Thrive, which is focused on helping families increase their self-reliance through household productivity, preparedness, and family business.

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