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Easy Permaculture Animals Framework

By Mindy Wood at Our Inspired Roots

Are you looking for a way to include animals in your homestead plan that is easy to manage, affordable, and improves the land (rather than depleting it)?

If so, the Easy Permaculture Animal Framework is for you!

This guide includes instruction on choosing the best animals for your goals and your land. it’ also shows you how to best use their individual strengths to create greater abundance for your family, all while improving the land and creating a beautiful life for your animals.

About the Host

I started my first garden and got my first flock of chickens over a decade ago, and I’m grateful every day that I took the leap!

I knew that the world of 9 to 5 jobs, sending my kids off to daycare, and living for the weekends wasn’t for me. But I wasn’t sure yet if it was possible to live any other way.

I am a Certified Permaculture Designer and have spent the last decade learning (and teaching) homesteading skills in a variety of places (on acreage, in the suburbs, and in an apartment!).

If you want to learn how to raise and grow your own food and medicine in a way that is healthy for people and planet, you’re in the right place! 

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Mindy Wood
Certified Permaculture Designer, Our Inspired Roots


Fall Soil Solutions

By Mindy Young from Farm Fit Living

Can’t get the right veggies to grow in your garden?

In Fall Soil Solutions, you’ll get the dirty truths about soil and how to manage it for optimal performance.

Fall Garden Planner

By Joy Racicot from Garden Planning Pro

Plan your way to your best fall harvest yet!

The Fall Garden Planner 2022 gives you a place to plan daily, weekly, and monthly goals, track your garden chores, and record info on the plants you’re planting, along with your gardening wins. It has ample choices for notes, too! It includes calendar pages, a place for ideas for future gardening, and a quick reference for the coming year’s garden goals.

This Fall garden Planner will help you organize all your ideas to make sure your fall gardening is productive and successful!

The Beginning Gardener's Toolbox

By Carly McQuarrie from The Little Green Shoot

The Beginning Gardener’s Toolbox is a system for creating your ideal garden space. This toolbox includes guides, a workbook, and (my favorite) a bonus playlist of my favorite garden jams to keep you dancing while you’re putting in the work

The toolbox covers where to put your garden, how to create a watering plan, how to build better soil, and how to create space any old place, even in the city! It also includes a guide for the tools you will need to get started, and how to tell beneficial pests from troublesome ones.

The whole toolbox is a $75 value, yours FREE, as part of the Fall Homestead Giveaway! Get your city garden space ready any time of year, so it is ready and waiting for you when it is time to plant.

Farm & Homestead

Productive And Profitable Small Farm Took Kit

By Leah Lynch from LeahLynch.com

Farm Purpose Guide – Get clear on your farm goals and build YOUR dreams.
Farm Profit Calculator  – Figure out what you need to make to be profitable on your farm.
Profitable Small Farm Quickstart – My best tips for becoming profitable. Plus content ideas to get started promoting your small farm.
Farmhouse Planner – A printable planner created to help you track your farm tasks and keep track of your life all in one place.

Rabbits can be a great asset to your small farm. They don’t take up a lot of space and can produce quite a lot of meat for your farm if done right. But I also know they can be harder than they seem. So I have added my two rabbit-raising ebooks to help you get started.

Simply Practical Rabbit Care – No-nonsense rabbit care guide backed by 20+ years of raising rabbits.
Rabbit Breeding Made Easy – Getting successful litters can be tougher than people think. In this guide, I cover what a successful rabbit breeding looks like, cover the top issues, and give my best tips for handling the most common rabbit breeding and litter-raising problems rabbit raisers face.

How to Find Your Perfect Homestead

By Jason Matyas

In this Guide, you’ll learn:

-What is a homestead & why should you develop one?

-What key factors you should consider while assessing your options (new property or existing property)

-How to avoid common pitfalls homesteaders make

Where to Start Homesteading Online Course

By Kristi Stone from Stone Family Farmstead
Start your homestead with success in mind!

Pinpoint your “why” and why homestead planning is so important to your homesteading journey.

Step-by-step instructions for setting your three most important homesteading goals.

BONUS: Homestead Management Binder to help you stay on track and meet homesteading goals easily. This course will enable you to decide what is most important to you and your family on your homesteading journey.

Whether you are just beginning, or just want to learn about setting, keeping, and meeting your homesteading goals, this course is for you!

About the HOST

I started off an urban homesteader about 11 years ago, where I homesteaded on .18 of an acre in the city. There, I grew food, raised chickens and rabbits, learned to can our family’s garden bounty, and cook from scratch.

I now live on a small 1-acre hobby farm where I have done all of the above, plus breed Nigerian Dwarf goats as part of our income.

Our plan is to make Stone Family Farmstead a productive part of our business as my husband Todd and I move into our retirement years.

If you would like to learn gardening, herbs, and homesteading the easy way, I’ve got you!

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Kristi Stone
Author and Owner of Stone Family Farmstead

If You Don't Want to Sign Up For Each Free Gift...

This year we have the option to buy the bundle outright, so you don’t have to sign up for each list individually to get the gift.

Buying the bundle means you can access the products from one Hub without having to sign up to each creators list.

The price ($17) is a huge discount from the sale prices of each product combined, so it’s a no brainer.

Natural Health

Lemon Essential Oil Mini Course

By Julie Polanco from Julie Naturally
Did you know that microbes cannot become resistant to essential oils?
Ever wondered how you can use them for more than just diffusing in a room?
Grab this little bundle and learn how to create two easy cleaning products using Lemon essential oil! And, you also get an adult coloring book containing additional recipes, uses, and other fun facts. Relax, destress, and learn!

The Clean Plate 4 Week Meal Plan - Roast a Chicken, Eat All Week

By Kristi Bowlby from This Meal by Design

Your budget and your family will thank you for implementing this concept of roasting a chicken and then making 3-4 meals from that bird.

Included is a 4 week meal plan with shopping lists, meal prep strategies, and recipes loaded with farm fresh veggies. Most meals are gluten-free and can be easily customized to vegetarian preference. Videos show how to cut up a whole chicken along with cooking demonstrations to get meals on the table in 20 minutes or less.

These recipes are some of our family favorites. I hope you love them as much as we do! 

Homemaking and Handicrafts

10 Easy Handmade Gift Projects

By Kristi Stone at Create A Handmade Holiday
Handmade gift making isn’t only for the super-talented people. (Hint: they probably aren’t, they just have the right projects!)
Make and use these project instructions every year to make tons of different variations of candles, soaps, fruit wines, and much more!

Easy Knit Dishcloth Patterns

By Diana Bouchard at Wandering Hoof Ranch

Knitting isn’t just for your grandmother anymore…

You want to knit dishclothes for your family, the trouble is you haven’t knit in years and you need a good beginners pattern.

Don’t worry darling, I got you, and ps. they are all left handed approved!

How To Ditch Toxic Chemicals And Clean Faster, Easier, And Cheaper, Too!

By Joy Racicot

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to ditch harmful chemicals while spending less time and effort cleaning.

. . . Find extra time and money so you can go spend more time doing what you love.


Feeding Your Flock Naturally

By Heather Levin from The Greenest Acre

Learn how to transform your flock’s health using natural herbs and a healthy diet. Our in-depth guide, “Feeding Your Flock, Naturally,” shows you how to transform your flock’s health, using sprouting and fermenting to herbal teas and treats, so your girls can keep bringing a smile to your face for years to come. The truth is that feeding your chickens a healthy, natural diet eliminates so many problems. And there are so many things you can do to prevent a vet visit. With the right food and healthy treats, your chickens will be healthy and happy, lay more eggs, and be less prone to illness and disease. And that’s a huge win for any chicken keeper!

My Parasite Control Plan Binder

By Delci Plouffe from A Life of Heritage
My Parasite Control Plan Binder is the binder that teaches you how to manage and control parasites in your goat herd.

Make Money Homesteading

By Diana Bouchard from Wandering Hoof Ranch

Chances are if you raise animals, grow a garden, and are preserving food to feed your family all year you’re noticing a shift in your expenses. Beginner homesteaders often make huge mistakes when it comes to their finances. 

STOP wasting money and making excuses for your hobby lifestyle and embrace your homestead for the possibilities it truly offers!



About the HOST

Hey! I’m Diana, garden mama and homesteader at Wandering Hoof Ranch on the PNW of Canada. You’ll find me growing and raising my own food, baking from scratch using my great grandmothers recipes and preserving food for the winter. I’m passionate about helping other beginner homestead mamas get started on their own backwards journey to a simple homestead life.

Follow me on Instagram

Diana Bouchard
Author and Owner of Wandering Hoof Ranch

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Fall Preserving Bundle $17 (reg. $37)

Preserve your own food with the Simple Preserving Bundle.

You get all the information you need to learn about food preservation methods, how to plan for them and the tools to organize your recipes, harvests, inventory and more!

Simple Permaculture Design Road Map - $37 (reg. $57)

Are you looking to grow more food with less work while caring for the land in a sustainable way? If so, this course is for you! Learn the basics so you can start your permaculture design (for any size lot) this weekend!
Includes 7 lessons, a design tutorial video, and planning worksheets that will teach you how to:
attract beneficial insects and animals
use water systems correctly
choose the right plants for your space and needs
create a tangible plan for your space
much more!

Homestead Mgmt. Binder - $17 (reg. $37)

Let your homestead run like a well-oiled machine with this 70-page, simple to use binder.

Design and take notes on your garden, keep medical records on your livestock, progress on your monthly projects, customer contact information, pantry inventory and so much more. 

(Digital PDF only, no physical binder included.)

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