In addition to our Facebook group, we are beginning to use email as a way of communication with our contributors. Please join both the Facebook group and the email list as it will give us multiple ways to contact you in the event that we can’t get you at your preferred contact choice. Thanks!

Please also join the email list, as it will give us contact information for you in the event that we can’t contact you through Facebook. It’s okay if you prefer NOT to be contacted by email for most things, it’s just a formality.

NOTE: If you prefer to get Homesteading Bundle news through Facebook, we will do our very best to tag you inside of the group or message you on that platform. However, sometimes Facebook is spotty with showing us posts, so if this has been an issue for you, please feel free to friend Kristi or Mindy on Facebook as an added layer of coverage. You can find them both in the Facebook group! 🙂