5th Annual Summer Herb Giveaway

If you’re looking to add hundreds or thousands of new herbalists and herb gardeners to your email list, you’re in the right place!

Hey herbal friends! This year marks the 5th year that we are hosting a free herb giveaway as a list-building campaign for content creator friends. The giveaway opens on 8/14/23 and goes for 5 days until 8/18/22. 

Free bundle giveaways are simple. You send out a link to the free gift page during the launch dates and your audience gets a chance to sign up for as many of the free gifts as they want. They get these free gifts for becoming subscribers to your email lists. So easy and so worth it!

This giveaway is a way for us to combine our efforts, provide value for our readers, and get new subscribers to our email list. Over the last 5 years, the content creators that participated had anywhere from 300 to over 1000 new subscribers (completely new contributors would almost always be at the higher end of that number). This year we are seeking out contributors with larger lists to start with, so this collaboration should be our most successful yet!

What is on this page

  • 4 Steps You’ll Need to Take

  • How to Participate

  • What to Create for the Free Bundles

  • Promotion Requirements

  • Important Dates

  • Participation Checklist

  • FAQs

  • How to Contact Us

4 Steps You’ll Need to Take

    • Check promotion dates & reply back that you’re in (yay!)

    • Submit your free gift information

    • Promote the free bundle to your list (swipe copy provided)

    • Grow your email list with 100’s of new perfect potential customers

Participation Requirements & What I'll Need From You Section

How to Participate

If you’re ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to grow your list, reply to the email or DM we sent you. Also, sign up through this form so we have you on the books!

What to Create for the Free Bundle 

You (the content creator) will offer a free gift based on the topic we discussed in the initial email.

Items could be eBooks, Courses, Memberships, Printable Planners, Trello boards, PDFs (quick reference guides/checklists), video series (email or private), etc. As long as it is something that the subscriber can access immediately, you can be creative with the format of the product. 

An example of something that would not be appropriate would be a live coaching call, an ebook to be emailed out later, or a video series that still needs to be completed. Those things could be added to your gift as an added bonus but you should always offer something that is accessible immediately.

This free gift can be something you are already selling on your website or something completely new. You can also take a piece of a paid product and use that as your free gift. 

The free gift should be worth at least $20. In our experience, many content creators are greatly undervaluing and underpricing their products. You are an amazing wealth of knowledge for your audience and should value your products accordingly. This does not mean you must sell your product for $20 on your website in order for it to be accepted into the giveaway. We often discount products to incentivize purchases – this is completely fine! But it does need to be clear that the value of the product is at least $20. 

Examples of $20+ products include:

    • 20-minute video tutorial

    • 5000-word guide

    • 15-page printable planner/workbook

Promotion Requirements for the Free Bundle

In order for this to be awesome for all of us, everyone must do their part to share the giveaway on social media, in their emails, and in blog posts. By signing up you agree to promote this for the benefit of all content creators involved. Here are the minimum promotion guidelines, but feel free to promote more than this:

    • 1 dedicated email during the prelaunch

    • 2 dedicated emails during the launch period

    • 1 social media shares during prelaunch

    • 2 social media shares during launch

The link you will be promoting throughout the free bundle giveaway is Homestead Bundles homepage: https://homesteadbundles.com/

Important Dates

    • Your welcome packet will be in your inbox by June 19, 2023

    • Your contributor info is due on June 26, 2023

    • Your landing page and thank you page must be ready by July 17, 2023

    • Prelaunch period begins on July 31, 2023

    • Opening/launch day is Aug 14, 2023

    • Closing day (people can no longer sign up for the free bundle after this date) is Aug 18, 2023 

    • Last day for subscribers to download your free gift is August 25, 2023

Participation Checklist

Send all deliverables to kristi@homesteadbundles.com

    1. Say yes by responding to the email or DM we sent you.

    1. Decide on gift

    1. Create a 600×600 gift mockup – please name it with your products name

    1. Create a product description that is roughly 50-100 words

    1. Create landing page + thank you page to deliver free gift

    1. Set up autoresponder to nurture your new leads

    1. During the event – share on social media and in email

    1. After the launch period ends, unpublish your landing page or deactivate the coupon code

Ready to Join?

You can sign up through this form


Why should I give you my stuff for free again? 

Including a free gift in a homestead bundles free bundle giveaway will get you in front of our growing list of subscribers PLUS the lists of every other contributor. So, at minimum, you will be in front of 50,000 potential customers. It’s a no-brainer!

How will you know if I’m not promoting? 

We sign up for each contributor’s email list as well as follow on social media so we can make sure everyone is pulling their own weight.

I want to do it but I’m not sure what to contribute. 

Reach out to us at support@homesteadbundles.com and we can help you figure this out!

I have a friend who would be perfect for this. Can I tell them about it?

Great! While spots may be filled for the current bundle, we are always looking for new, amazing contributors. Send them here to apply: kristi@homesteadbundles.com

How to Contact Us